Leica SP8 STED / Be-311

Leica SP8 AOBS with gated 3D tauSTED, white light laser, lightning and FALCON



Distance (mm)
10x0.402.20AirHC PL APO CS2
20x0.750.62AirHC PL APO CS2
40x1.300.24OilHC PL APO CS2
63x1.400.14OilHC PL APO CS2
100x1.40OilHC PL APO STED
86x1.20WaterHC PL APO STED


2x spectral PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube)
2x gated spectral GaAsP HyD (Hybrid detector for gated imaging)
1x transmission PMT for brightfield, DIC and polarization

Extra info

3x STED depletion lasers: 592, 660 & 775nm

Leica LAS-X software with:
Navigator package
LAX-X 3D viewer
Leica Lightning deconvolution

DMi8 inverted microscope stand with:
Automated motorized XY stage
Galvo Z stage with inserts for slides & 35mm containers
Adaptive Focus Control
Metal-Halide lamp for EPI fluorescence.

Tokai Hit stage top incubator for Z-Galvo stage with
humidified 5% CO2 and objective heating.
Stage top incubator inserts for 35mm & slide sized containers.


Super resolution imaging with (3D) STED, combined with lifetime; Tau-STED
Confocal imaging combined with lifetime imaging; FALCON
Confocal imaging combined with deconvolution; Lightning
Spectral freedom with White Light Laser 470-670nm range
Navigator module for fast overviews