Training and Education

The important instruction sessions are well received by our investigators and collaborators. They are very useful to optimally explore our equipment and mandatory for all users before they start.

The Erasmus Optical Imaging Centre (OIC) is also involved in education at the BSc, MSc and PhD-level. For the Nanobiology curriculum we organise a yearly course for second year BSc, where students under supervision perform four microscope experiments in two hour sessions, analyse the data and write a report on each experiment.  For the Research Masters Infection&Disease, Molecular Medicine and Neurosciences a joint one-week intensive course is organised with lectures in the morning and microscopy sessions in the afternoon. Students give presentations at the end on one of the topics. The yearly intensive course for PhD-students and post-docs is already running since 2003. It is similar to the Master course but here we invite experts in various fields from other institutes.