Nikon TIRF 1454 / Ee-1454

Nikon Ti-Eclipse inverted microscope with TIRF unit and QuantEM EMCCD camera



MagnificationPixel size (nm)Numerical
Distance (mm)
10x4300.454.00dryPlan APO DIC
60x1111.450.13oilPan APO TIRF
100x671.490.12oilPlan APO TIRF
100x671.400.13oilPlan APO VC


EM CCD camera: QuantEM512C 512x512pixels 16bit (Photometrics)

Extra info

Imaging under 5% CO2 and 30/37oC conditions, with stage top incubator, CO2 controller and objective heating (Tokai Hit).
Tokai Hit inserts for 35mm and objective slide container available.
TIRF mount for manual or mechanic TIRF angle control
FRAP3D unit: ultrafast by galvo mirror positioned laserbleaching (ROPER)
Hardware autofocus: Perfect Focus System (Nikon)
Dual colour imaging with DV2 Beamsplitter (MAG Biosystems) Green/Red or Cyan/Green
Metamorph Imaging Software


Live cell TIRF/WideField imaging conditions.
Membrane studies (in vitro & in vivo)
Dynamic studies with Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
Multichannel imaging
Single Molecule Imaging, PALM and STORM
Imaging activatable or switchable fluorophores
Fixed cell imaging