Best programs of 2022

Students from the first year Bsc. Nanobiology have made this final exercise for the course Biomolecular Programming. They have designed a program in the programming language Java that simulates a cascade of signal transduction events within and between cells.

Signal transduction is the process by which chemical or physical signals are transmitted through a series of molecular events, which will ultimately result in a cellular response. Intracellular signal transduction often involves protein activation through phosphorylation by kinases, or protein inhibition through dephosphorylation by phosphatases. Intercellular signalling can involve receptor activation in one cell upon binding of agonists secreted by another cell. Signal transduction can also be affected by protein synthesis and degradation.

Students that took the effort to add biological relevant creative or extra elements to the final assignment or with outstanding code are listed below showing their simulations.
Hereby we present the best programs of the year 2022 in random order: