Registration introduction course

Registration Introduction Course (* Blue fields are mandatory)
A copy of your registration will be send to your principal investigator.
Please provide your internal EMC project number, if unknown please contact your PI. When unavailable please provide your projects budget number.

All new users need to be trained before they can use a confocal or advanced widefield microscope. Training for the Leica confocals will consist of two parts. First you will get a general introduction of the basic principles of the confocal microscope (3 hrs, max 4 persons). The first part of the training is done twice per month.

For all other microscopes we only do the second part of the training (3hrs). This is an individual training session (max 2 persons) in which we will optimize the microscope settings for your samples. For this part you need to bring your own samples. The second part can be done (mostly) within 3 weeks notice. It’s best to minimize the time between both parts of the intro course.
After this you may use the microscope yourself.

Remark: New users with prior experience with the confocal microscope may skip the first part of the training, depending on their level of experience.

If you do not know yet how to setup your imaging experiment we can discuss this as well.

There are different kinds of (confocal) microscopes within the OIC. To determine which microscope is best suited for your experiments, please answer the following questions.