Evident FV4000 confocal demonstration

On site from the 5th of February, till 9th of February

Don’t miss out on the sneak preview on the 26th January, 10am – 11am by clicking here!

From February 5th to 9th 2024 Evident (formerly Olympus), in association with the OIC, will organize a demonstration of the newly released Fluoview FV4000 point scanning confocal. 

Researchers who are interested to test the possibilities of this new generation laser scanning confocal are invited to bring their own samples for testing. 

The FV4000 can image most of the regular samples used on the current OIC confocals. In addition, the confocal setup should be especially interesting for researchers using near infrared (NIR) fluorescent probes, or more than 4 fluorescent stains. 

Special objectives will be available for imaging organoids and tissues. 

Specifications of the demonstration setup include: 

  • Inverted microscope 
  • 10 laser spanning the wavelength range from 405 nm – to 785 nm 
  • 6 detectors for simulaneous imaging and spectral unmixing 
  • Incubation system for live cell imaging (37C/5%CO2) using 35mm dishes, multiwell slides and multiwell dishes 
  • Resonant scanner for fast (>20fps) imaging 

If you are interested to test the FV4000, please send us an email with a short description of the sample you would like to image.