Functional Imaging and Super Resolution

PhD Course (November 11-15, 2024)

This intensive course of one week gives an overview of the rapidly developing advanced fluorescence imaging methods and how they are used in biomedical research.

An important part is the practical work each afternoon in which you get the opportunity for real hands-on experience. The focus of the practicals is on functional imaging (time lapse, FRAP, FRET) and super resolution (SIM, STED and single molecule tracking).

This five day course consists of lecture sessions in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. On Monday and Thursday there are also evening sessions which include dinner. In the final session on Friday afternoon participants present and discuss the results of one of the topics during the practical work. The practical sessions can be attended by a maximum of 25 participants (5 groups of 5 participants).

We expect the participants to attend all lectures and all practical’s.

The registration will be closed September 31st, or when we get more than 25 submissions. A selection will be made and selected participants will be informed October 1st.

Lecture Topics

Confocal Microscopy & Live Cell Imaging, FRET, FRAP, TIRF, FLIM, Light sheet, Super resolution (SIM, STED, PALM/STORM, Rescan), Deconvolution,  Fluorescent Proteins, Biological Applications and Image Analysis 

Hands-on Practical Work

Introduction to Confocal Microscopy, Time Lapse Imaging, FRAP,  Super resolution Imaging (SIM, STED, PALM/STORM/Localisation Mic., Rescan, lightsheet), data analysis, data presentation.

The course is intended for PhD students and post-docs and others who need more background in advanced fluorescent imaging and data analysis.

No prior knowledge is required.